FAQ about validity query

Is there a difference between the terms validity query, evidence database and toll sticker evidence? Can anyone check my products and what information do I receive? We have compiled these and other frequently asked questions for you in the following FAQ section.

No, the terms refer to a public register, which can be accessed at, and in which any person can check for free whether a vehicle has a digital toll sticker or a digital route toll, and for which periods they apply. 

The validity inquiry enables anyone to ascertain whether a motorway or expressway can be used with a particular vehicle. In principle, anyone can carry out a query. The evidence database, however, only provides information on whether the vehicle has a valid digital toll product and for which periods it applies. Information about expired products or details cannot be retrieved. No personal data is disclosed. 

After a successful purchase, the information appears directly in the evidence database. Expired products or details cannot be retrieved.  

The database only stores information about valid digital toll products or products that are valid in the future. When the last validity period expires, the digital toll products are no longer displayed.

No, because the entry in the database is automatically deleted.  

A maximum of three queries in one day is possible from one and the same device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone). This prevents allows a large-scale analysis.

Enter your number as you entered it during registration.

For licence plates from Austria and Germany:  Please enter a hyphen instead of a coat of arms or plaques. If you have a "special licence plate", please refer to the note: "I do not have a standard licence plate" 

For number plates from other countries: Please do not use any special characters or spaces.  If you have a "special licence plate", please refer to the note: "I do not have a standard licence plate 

Please check the vehicle licence plate entry. Adhesive toll stickers cannot be queried.